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Replica Locomotive

Trackless Trains
Andy Renner
1431 W. Cienega Ave.
San Dimas, CA 91773


Multiple locations
Parking lot tram trains
Track: N/A
Wheels: 22” dia.
Cars: 6 or more
Loaded weight: up to 18,000 lbs.
Top speed on level: 6 mph
Max. grade: 30%
Max. speed @ 2%: 5.4 mph
Acceleration: 0-6 mph in 5 sec.
Run time/cycle: 8 hrs.
Recharge time: < 8 hrs.
System Hardware
Pack Voltage: 72 vdc
Battery no./type: 9 ea. USB #8V-GCHC. 183 A-hrs
Battery weight: 570 lbs.
Motor: 2 ea. ADC #A00-4009 36-72V, 6 hp c/d
Controller: Alltrax #AXE7245P 48-72V, 450A
Charger: Zivan #NG-5
Throttle: PRO-4 inline joystick
Braking: Hydraulic & electronic plugging
Safeties: Fuses
Circuit breaker
Main contactor
Charger interlock
Reverse speed limiting

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